Fox News host Jesse Watters said that former Secretary of State — and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton — “should be banished from polite society.”

Watters joined his cohosts on Monday’s broadcast of “The Five” in responding to recent court filings from special counsel John Durham that revealed Clinton’s role in hiring people to tie former President Donald Trump to the Russians during his campaign and monitor him both during his campaign and after he moved into the White House.

Cohost Dana Perino noted at the beginning of the segment that Durham’s investigation appeared to be picking up more cooperating witnesses, and her assessment was simple: “It sort of means to me that people just don’t want to go to jail so they start talking.”

“I think Hillary should be banished from polite society. I’m not comparing her to O.J., because, you know, we have no proof that she ever murdered anybody, but I would like to see Hillary treated the way O.J. is. He’s not really welcome places, he’s kind of a pariah,” Watters replied.

“Right now she is a certified political criminal,” Watters continued. “Her husband has been #metooed and has been finger to be on Epstein’s island and you know the Foundation, that’s just like a washed up money laundering operation.”

Watters went on to lay out what he believed Clinton had done based on the reports coming from Durham’s court filings.

“This is what happened. She paid people to hack into Trump’s computers and frame him for being a Russian traitor! That would be like paying someone to break into Trump Tower at 2:00 in the morning, plant a bunch of guns and drugs and Russian documents and then call the FBI and say hey guys, I got a tip, why don’t you go raid the tower. That’s the same thing,” Watters explained. “And we now know too that this was happening as far back as 2014. The CIA knew Crooked was trying to frame him, they briefed Obama that Hillary was going to frame him. They briefed the FBI that this was a frame job so Mueller was just a clean-up operation to tee up the impeachment – and it failed.”

Watters went on to bring up the January 6th riot on Capitol Hill, arguing that more people were probably hurt by Clinton’s efforts to destroy Trump than by anything that happened on that day.

“Greg was being facetious I think but when you look about January 6th and then you look at this, what did more damage? I mean, think about how many people’s lives were destroyed, how we divided the country, how it made us question our democracy, question the election and our institutions. It ruined multiple Thanksgivings — for me personally. And, you know, I think we need to get to the bottom of it. As they say, big if true.”

“You know who worked on the Watergate Committee, remember? Hillary herself,” Perino pointed out.

“That’s right! Full-circle, as they say,” Greg Gutfeld agreed.

Cohost Judge Jeanine Pirro wrapped the segment by noting that — especially in light of the new information — it might not be just Republicans who wanted to see Clinton’s role in the Trump-Russia investigated.

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