The Los Angeles Times reported on Wednesday that a UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies (IGS) poll, which the news outlet co-sponsored, found that 30 percent of California voters surveyed approve of Feinstein’s job performance in Congress. Among female voters who responded to the poll, her approval rating was at 33 percent.


The director of the IGS poll, Mark DiCamillo, told the news outlet that that it is “a very significant and ominous sign for her” to have such low favorability among California women.


The poll also found that California voters remain divided over the job that President Biden is doing, with 48 percent of those surveyed saying they disapprove and 47 percent saying they approve, the Times reported.


Vice President Harris, who previously served as a senator from the state, received lower approval ratings from Californians, with 38 percent saying they approved of the job she was doing as vice president and 46 percent saying they disapproved, according to the news outlet. “I get the sense from our polling the state hasn’t really warmed up to her as the sitting vice president.”




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