Power Line reported, "The New York Times emails subscribers daily with news and commentary. Today the Times highlighted the fact that deaths from traffic accidents rose dramatically in 2021.

"The Times trots out several possible explanations, including, of course, 'Rising inequality.' It notes that black teenagers are dying in automobile accidents at an elevated rate. Why might that be? One explanation, not offered by the Times, is that there has been a major increase in reckless driving."


Blame black drivers for the rising toll of black teens on the highways?

That's crazy talk.

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, traffic deaths by race per 100,000 people are:

Asians 15.3.

Hispanics 46.9.

Pacific Islanders 51.1.

Whites 55.2.

Blacks 68.5.

Indians 145.6.

NYT blamed the rise in traffic deaths on the pandemic.

David Leonhardt of NYT reported, "This grim trend is another way that two years of isolation and disruption have damaged life, as this story — by my colleague Simon Romero, who’s a national correspondent — explains. People are frustrated and angry, and those feelings are fueling increases in violent crime, customer abuse of workers, student misbehavior in school and vehicle crashes."

So frustration and anger are good excuses for violence, abuse and reckless driving -- but not for protests by Canadian truck drivers.

Got it.

What do I know, though? I drove as I normally do during the pandemic, staying home in inclement weather. On sunny days, I drove aimlessly around with the top down. I felt no need for speed even when the roads were really, really empty early on. So maybe behaving normally kept me from robbing, carjacking and reckless driving.

NYT attributed the racial disparity in deaths to socio-economic forces as it reported, "In 2020, overall U.S. traffic deaths rose 7.2%. Among black Americans, the increase was 23%.

"One factor: Essential workers, who could not stay home and work remotely, are disproportionately black, Destiny Thomas, an urban planner, told ABC News.

"Another factor: Pedestrians are disproportionately black, Norman Garrick of the University of Connecticut noted. 'This is not by choice,' Garrick told NBC News. 'In many cases, black folks cannot afford motor vehicles.' As Simon’s story notes, recent increases in pedestrian deaths have been especially sharp."

My observation is black people drive just as well as white people. I will also note getting pulled over by a cop reins you in. 

But thanks to complaints about DWB -- Driving While Black -- a generation of police officers have learned that pulling over a black driver can get you in trouble.

Pulling someone over (particularly at night) is the second-most dangerous situation an officer faces. The most dangerous is answering a domestic disturbance. Why place yourself in danger just to be reprimanded for pulling over a black driver?

So the police let it slide. And the more they let it slide, the more liberties drivers take, especially the young and foolish. The result is more reckless driving. And reckless driving can kill people. And black teen highway deaths are up.

Highway deaths among black people rose at triple the rise among everyone else.

Democrats are bound and determined to make things worse.

Last October the Philadelphia Inquirer reported, "Philadelphia on Thursday approved groundbreaking legislation that will bar its police officers from pulling over drivers for low-level motor vehicle offenses like broken taillights, a long-standing law enforcement tool that critics said led to black motorists being stopped at disproportionate rates."

I expect traffic fatalities to rise in Philadelphia.

Especially among black people.

There are things worse than being pulled over for what blacktivists call DWB.

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