DC National Guard members have received a notice to be prepared to assist local law enforcement ahead of a potential trucker convoy headed to the nation’s capital, according to two sources.


The notice, obtained by Breitbart News, stated that the D.C. National Guard Land Component Command will be “encamped” beginning February 22 “for forthcoming ‘Trucker protest.’” One source explained that the term “encamp” is similar to “occupy an area.”


The National Guard will encamp through Monday, March 7. The notice stated that soldiers were already on standby to support the State of the Union address, which is scheduled for March 1.


A separate notice stated that the encampment could last longer than March 7.


The notices, sent Friday, indicated the mission has not yet been formally approved by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. A National Guard spokesman confirmed to Breitbart News on Saturday afternoon that there has been a request by MPD to assist, but it is still awaiting approval by Austin.

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