Milan Cathedral on New Year’s Eve


One woman had her sweater torn and her pants pulled down and scrapes to her face and torso, by a group of approximately 30 foreign males near the Palazzo Reale in the center of Milan.


The girls force their way through the group towards a line of police officers who offer assistance. il Giornale reports that the two victims told investigators their attackers were all of foreign origin.


Milan, in particular, has witnessed a dramatic rise in public disorder and crime following a significant influx of illegal immigration, predominantly from northern Africa via the Mediterranean.


In June, local League Party councillor Silvia Sardone lamented the demise of the city, regarding the number of illegal immigrants and vagrants on Milanese streets as an “absolute degradation” equal to that of “the third world”


“Today, in the shadow of the Madonnina, next to the iconic aperitifs, you can buy doses of drugs and watch furious brawls with throwing of chairs and tables,” Scurati added.






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