A New York man who threatened to kill President Trump during a phone call with U.S. Capitol Police and other authorities has been charged, according to a court document unsealed on Monday.


Thomas Welnick of Rockaway Beach told Capitol Police during a phone call around July 21, 2020 that if Trump lost the presidential election that November and “refused to step down,” he would “acquire weapons” and “take him down,” authorities said in a criminal complaint filed on Saturday.


Welnick reportedly bragged to Capitol Police adding, “I don’t want to hurt anyone, but I will stand up to fascism. I really hope that God takes Trump out,” he said at the end of his interview with Capitol Police.


The court document does provide additional details about the interview with Capitol Police, only noting that it was voluntary. The criminal complaint references five other days when Welnick contacted authorities regarding Trump. Authorities issued an arrest warrant for Welnick on Friday, according to Reuters.

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