President Trump’s spokeswoman Liz Harrington released a thread on Twitter that catalogs the election “anomalies” being uncovered in Georgia — “anomalies” being the corporate media’s favorite euphemism for cheating.

For instance, drop boxes for ballots in Rockdale County were picked up after the 2020 election was over.

Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (supposedly a Republican) did not care to help investigate this matter. That’s no surprise since Raffensperger’s office accepted nearly $5.6 million from a group directly linked to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

More than 300,000 ballot transfer forms were missing, and more than 100,000 ballot transfer forms were incomplete or improper.

Remember: the GOP establishment and the Democrats conspired to get rid of Trump and throw the 2020 election to Biden. However, Trump is not on the 2022 ballot — which is why Raffensperger is suddenly interested in investigating Fulton County (a Democrat stronghold) for allegedly violating state rules "requiring absentee ballot drop box transfer forms to be filled out." After all, neither Raffensperger nor the GOP want the Democrats to continue to cheat in the 2022 mid-terms in the same way that they were allowed to do in 2020.

Notice the timing. Raffensperger was colluding with Zuckerberg and the Democrats before the 2020 election but now he’s suing Biden’s Department of Justice because he suddenly needs to defend secure election laws before the 2022 election.

In 2020, there was no chain of custody for the ballot harvesting that Democrats were allowed to do. Just look at Cobb County. It failed to transport drop box ballots in a timely fashion — keeping them for as much as three days for no known reason.

The ballot transfer forms really tell the story of election cheating in 2020 — for instance, they often didn’t bother to get the times right!

In Fulton County, the transfer forms show some ballots were collected before the drop box was installed in that area — an obvious impossibility.

Luckily, the drop boxes had video surveillace day and night as mandated by law. Right?

Can you guess how this cynical game has changed with Trump gone? Now that Republicans in Georgia want secure elections again, Democrats are suddenly interested in discussing the vulnerabilites of electronic voting machines! A secret report has surfaced in Georgia that confirms: hackers could flip votes if they gained access to Georgia’s touchscreens.

There are at least eight states in America that currently use paperless touchscreen voting with no meaningful way to verify the results. Perhaps we might live to see a brief bipartisan moment in which both Democrat voters and Republican voters unite behind cleaning up our corrupt election system — that’s been installed by the corrupt political elites in both political parties.

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