Greek Islanders Block Ship Delivering Equipment to Build Migrant Center


Residents of Chios successfully prevented a cargo ship from delivering equipment for the construction of a new migrant center on the Greek island, according to reports.


In a stunning rejection of the Greek government’s agenda, Chios locals and officials gathered at multiple ports on the island to drive off a ship named “Pelagitis” as it attempted to dock and unload heavy machinery and materials for the planned “Closed Controlled Access Center.”


“At the sight of the ship, residents and elected officials stood in front of the mooring ramp, preventing the crew from dropping the ship’s catapult,” Politischios reports.


“The dynamic presence of the people and the immediate response to the call of the Coordinating Committee of Elected and Residents, and also of the local councils of Sykiada and Lagada, resulted in the prevention of the disembarkation of machinery in the port of Mesta,” Politischios reported shortly after the incident.


“After almost an hour of consultations and negotiations between the residents and the police and port authorities, an agreement was finally reached with the result that the machines did not disembark in Mesta and were reloaded on the ship Pelagitis.”

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