Glenn Youngkin announced that his Medical Advisory Team will be led by Dr. Marty Makary, along with Nancy Agee, Kathy Gorman, Alan Levine, Dr. Bogdan Neughebaeur, and Anand Shah.


Dr. Marty Makary is a surgical oncologist and chief of the Johns Hopkins Islet Transplant Center. Makary has also served as a contributor to Fox News as a critic regarding some of the statements by Fauci and Walensky.


Makary blasted the push for giving young people booster vaccines, saying, “We have a modern-day McCarthyism if somebody asks a question about boosters in young people.”


Makary began by asserting, “I would like to personally ask you to consider new scientific data that tells us that some COVID policies have become too extreme, too rigid, and are no longer driven by clinical data. Take, for example, boosters in children who have already had COVID: when Pharma announced on Wednesday that they did a lab experiment that shows that boosters raise antibodies against Omicron without releasing the underlying scientific data, the CDC immediately urged everyone 16, and 17 years old to get a booster. Is this what we’ve come to? Pharma tells people what to do in a press release and the CDC just falls in line?”


“Meanwhile, Germany just reported that no healthy child five through 17 has ever died of COVID in the first 15 months of their pandemic, with nearly all of those children unvaccinated,” he continued. “The CDC has never told us if any COVID deaths in children have been in healthy children. … Now, I’m very pro-vaccine, I’ve been vaccinated, but we have a modern-day McCarthyism if somebody asks a question about boosters in young people. Remember, just 12 weeks ago, the FDA external experts voted against boosters for everybody by a 16-2 vote and for good reasons. But weeks after that vote the FDA made another internal push to ream through boosters for all, but this time they inexplicably did not convene their experts, their external experts; the CDC did the same.”




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