Michigan district requiring clear backpacks for students after deadly school shooting


A Michigan school district is requiring that some students use clear backpacks after a gunman opened fire in the district’s high school in November, killing four students and injuring seven other people.


Superintendent Tim Throne announced in a statement last week that all middle school and high school students will be required to use clear backpacks “for the time being” upon returning to school this month.


Elementary school students, however, do not have to carry a clear backpack, but they are required to keep their backpacks in their lockers throughout the day. They are not permitted to carry their bags during school hours.


Elementary and middle school students are set to return to classrooms on Monday, according to NBC News. Students who attend Oxford High School, the scene of the shooting, have not yet received a return date.


Throne said students were instructed to report to the classroom on Monday without their regular backpacks or other school materials and that they will be provided with clear backpacks.


The superintendent said the district has enough clear backpacks to distribute to middle and high school students “thanks to the generosity of so many in our community.”


Student Ethan Crumbley, 15, is facing 24 charges for shooting four students and injuring seven other individuals. He was charged as an adult and is facing counts including first-degree murder and terrorism causing death.







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