Aiken calls Cawthorn ‘white nationalist’ and Lt Gov Mark Robinson ‘homophobe’


“For decades, North Carolina was actually the progressive beacon in the South,” Aiken said in a video kicking off his campaign. “But then things changed, and the progressives lost power, and we started getting backwards ass policies, like the voter suppression bills and the bigoted bathroom bill.”


“Because today, it seems like the loudest voices in North Carolina politics are white nationalists like this guy,” Aiken, 43, said, before playing a clip of Madison Cawthorn.


Showing images of GOP Reps. Marjorie Taylor Green and Lauren Boebert, Aiken told viewers, “These folks are taking up all the oxygen in the room and I’ve got to tell you, I am sick of it.”


“As Democrats we have got to get better about speaking up and using our voices, because those folks ain’t quieting down anytime soon. That’s why I’m running for Congress here in this community that raised me.”


Aiken lost badly in his first run for Congress.





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