Hervey Bay Station
Police Station

142 Torquay Rd, Scarness, 4655

Mon to Fri 8am-4pm
Phone number:
(07) 4128 5333




“This Lady peacefully left the cafe when the police entered and waited outside. It wasn’t until the police finished checking all patrons that all 5 focused on her and insisted she show her vaccination status. She politely said she would provide her name and address but declines sharing her medical records. They pushed and pushed to try get her to hand over her phone and when she refused, they said she is under arrest. We asked for what? There is nothing in the mandate that says you can be arrested for not showing, but says you can be made to leave a venue. Which she did on her own accord. They said she is obstructing justice.”


“Just wanting to sit down and enjoy a cup like a normal human being and was arrested, bruised, put in a holding cell for 2 hours, finger printed, given a $1300 fine, a court date and treated like a criminal. For having a cup of coffee and for whatever reason, not wanting to show her PRIVATE medical information.”




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