Renata Voracova from the Czech Republic was detained by Australian authorities and her visa has been revoked. Voracova had cleared health protocols and already played her first match. Now, she’s been kidnapped and placed in an Australian ‘detention facility’ with only her cellphone.


Prior to the tournament, Tennis Australia had sent out an information sheet informing players of a process to follow so they could play in the Australian Open without being vaccinated


The Victorian Health Department and a Tennis Australia expert panel granted exemptions to the trio because the panels believed a prior infection warranted an exemption.


However, the federal government informed Tennis Australia in November it would not allow international arrivals to bypass vaccine requirements on this basis.


Tennis Australia believes there was a grey area in regard to whether the exemption reason was valid.


Voracova’s potential deportation raises a question about why she was let into the country in the first place if the federal government believed a prior infection was not a valid exemption.


Meanwhile, Serbian Foreign Affairs Minister Nikola Selakovic, who is on an official visit to the United States, said during a visit to the Serbian community in Chicago during Orthodox Christmas he would do everything to help Novak Djokovic.


“The thing we should all know and keep in mind, you see how great jealousy is when someone is the best, when they are the best in sporting history, while being a Serb. On one hand, there are so many barriers to remaining in that spot and on the other, he [Djokovic] is so firm and does not give up. Serbia is as firm as he is and we will fight to help him,” Selakovic said, according to Serbian media reports.


On Thursday, Australian ambassador to Serbia Daniel Emery was hauled into the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs by its secretary Nemanja Starovic as Serbia protested against Djokovic’s detention in an immigration hotel.






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