Historians discovered a time capsule within a recently-removed statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, and as they reviewed the contents, presidential historian Michael Beschloss complained that it did not include “a handwritten apology.”

Virginia Democratic Governor Ralph Northam celebrated the find, noting that historians had been aware of its existence and had been looking for it. “They found it! This is likely the time capsule everyone was looking for. Conservators studying it—stay tuned for next steps! (Won’t be opened today),” he tweeted.

One time capsule had already been recovered from the remains of the statue, which was removed earlier this year amid protests and complaints about the message being sent by keeping confederate statues on display.

The Associated Press reported:

A rust-colored 1875 almanac, a cloth envelope and a silver coin were found Wednesday in a time capsule that lay hidden beneath a towering statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee in Virginia for more than 130 years.

As intriguing as the water-damaged items were, they’re not what many were expecting to see after state conservators spent five hours gingerly prying the time capsule open. Even the mortar-encrusted lead box was a bit of a surprise.

Historical records led many to believe the capsule held dozens of objects related to the Confederacy as well as a picture of deceased President Abraham Lincoln.

The second time capsule, many hoped, would ultimately yield that photo. But as Beschloss live-tweeted the capsule’s contents on Tuesday, his main complaint was that it contained no evidence of Robert E. Lee’s remorse.

“Time capsule from the removed Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond is being opened at this moment,” he began his series of tweets.

“So far, this is not exactly National Treasure,” he added, referencing the Disney film in which Benjamin Franklin Gates — played by Nicolas Cage — followed an invisible treasure map on the back of the Declaration of Independence and found the fabled treasure of the Knights Templar.

“Would be nice if the Robert E. Lee time capsule now being opened included a handwritten apology,” Beschloss continued.

The contents, according to Beschloss’ commentary, included “a coin mashed into cover of a Holy Bible” and a Richmond city guidebook that Beschloss noted “would have been useful to Union Army liberators of 1865.” There was no mention of the Lincoln photo that so many had hoped would be inside.

“Note to pro-racist pro-Confederate insurrectionists who created the just-opened Robert E. Lee time capsule in the 1880s: If you’re trying to make a time capsule interesting to future historians, don’t stuff it with books, newspapers and currency that they will already have seen,” Beschloss concluded, making it clear that he was not impressed with the contents of the time capsule.

He followed his time capsule thread with one last jab at “National Treasure,” adding, “And I am happy to vouch for the fact that there is no map, secret or otherwise, on the back of the Declaration of Independence.”

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