A video out of New York shows an anti-vaccine mandate protester being arrested by police after refusing to show a COVID pass to buy food.

The incident took place at a branch of Panera Bread in Brooklyn.

The man in the clip, who is reportedly an army veteran, expresses concern that as police are arresting him, they repeatedly allow the U.S. flag to drop to the ground.

“The flag does not touch the ground!” asserts the veteran.

“The Constitution of the United States is being violated – I cannot eat!” he adds.

The man repeatedly tells cops he is non-violent and has no weapons as he is marched out of the store.

Other customers who have already paid for food are also ordered to leave the store despite them claiming to not be protesters.

According to the person who uploaded the clip to Twitter, the same man was also arrested twice last week for trying to order food without showing a vaccine passport.

If you’d have explained this situation to most Americans in 2019, they’d have thought you were referring to some bizarre dystopian movie, and yet here we are.

New York’s notoriously strict mask mandates and vaccine passport rules appear to be working out great.

The state just reported its highest ever COVID-19 daily case rate on record despite having the highest vaccination rate among the most populous states in the U.S.

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