On Friday’s broadcast of “Fox News Live,” Texas Dept. of Public Safety Lt. Christopher Olivarez said he predicts that the situation on the border is “going to get a whole lot worse” in 2022.

Olivarez said the federal government has “canceled every viable resource to law enforcement, canceling the border wall, removing the Remain in Mexico policy…the three components that are needed for an effective strategy to combat this border crisis [are] manpower and technology and, of course, infrastructure. And again, all of these components have — they’re not being done by the federal government. They’ve failed to act.”

He added that the situation on the border isn’t improving, “and we anticipate going into 2022, it’s going to get a whole lot worse. Because we have not seen the numbers decline. As we continue to see illegal immigrants come across our southern border, we know that the drug trafficking organizations are continuing to pour illicit drugs across our borders, more specifically, fentanyl.”

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