On Thursday, Seth Rogen melted down on Twitter, accusing those that gave Santa Inc., a new Christmas-themed series he stars on, a bad rating of being white supremacists.

"We really pissed off tens of thousands of white supremacists with our new show #SantaInc which is now available on HBOMAX! (Please read the responses to this tweet for confirmation)," wrote Rogen.

Rogen stars as Santa Claus, in a series about a female elf that works towards becoming Santa Claus' successor. The show is aimed at adults, with crude jokes and humor.

The show states Santa is a white male, not as a matter of fact, but as an insult.

"The position of Santa has mostly been a white man's game," one character says in the trailer.

"Let's go over what we know. Santa and the board are all male and all whites. They play golf, drink smoke cigars. Say things like don't ever marry your mistress," another character states.

The show has scored poorly amongst audiences so far, though it premiered that day.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the show has scored just 1 percent amongst audiences, though just 75 people have voted so far.

On IMDB, the show scored just 1.1 out of 10, with 434 votes.

Following Rogen's twitter post, users questioned his conclusion, stating that the show might not be as good as he thinks.

That movie did not fare much better with crowds, scoring just 49 percent amongst audiences on Rotten Tomatoes, with more than 100,000 people voting. It fared better on IMDB though, receiving a 6.5 out of 10 amongst viewers.

The comments have been disabled on the trailer’s YouTube page, though some have been able to uncover a staggering ratio of dislikes to likes.

Comments were also turned off, after receiving a flood of comments critical of the show.

Some equated the feminist plot of Santa Inc. to that of the Ghostbusters reboot, which featured all female characters as the leads.

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