New Jersey Will Pay $53 Million over Covid Deaths at State-Run Veterans Homes


New Jersey is set to pay approximately $53 million in settling claims its negligence contributed to the deaths of over 100 veterans in state-run homes. The settlement reached this week involved the families of 119 residents of veterans homes in Paramus and Menlo Park, according to attorney Paul da Costa. Da Costa’s firm represented 72 of the claimants, who will receive about $32 million in total. The families had filed notices of intent to sue but hadn’t yet formally filed lawsuits, da Costa said.


“This settlement of course does not replace their lost loved ones who served their countries honorably, but it certainly represents a good measure of civil justice,” da Costa said. “My clients do take satisfaction in the fact that there has been a resolution that they believe gives a voice to their lost loved ones.”


Over 200 residents in the homes died amid the pandemic, and Gov. Phil Murphy’s (D) administration was blamed after instructing the homes not to turn away patients who tested positive.


The order was eventually rescinded.


The Justice Department later issued a letter to Murphy asking about its nursing home death count, saying it was launching an investigation into the state’s veterans homes “after receiving what it described as incomplete answers to an earlier request for data,” the NBC report continued.





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