A prep school in South Carolina did not find it funny when students last month started chanting “Let’s go Brandon,” a phrase used to convey disapproval of President Biden, and cracked down on the behavior in an email to parents.

The headmaster of Mason Preparatory School in Charleston, South Carolina blasted out an email to parents complaining about the chant and asking them to speak to their children about it.

“We have observed students chanting, ‘Let’s go Brandon’ at school. If you are not aware of this phrase, please use Google to seek the meaning,” Head of School Dr. Tim Spurrier wrote in a November 15 email to parents.

“This phrase, which implies foul language, disrespect, and unkindness, is not appropriate for school,” Spurrier continued.

Spurrier went on to declare that the chanting students are “not living up to the Mason Prep Pledge, which teaches us to treat all people with dignity and kindness and to respect oneself and others through one’s thoughts and actions.”

“We hope that parents will join us in using this situation as a teaching opportunity. We ask that you please speak with your children about how we, as both a school and a broader community, can have disagreements without being disrespectful towards one another,” the headmaster wrote to parents.

Spurrier concluded by thanking parents for their support in teaching students to be “positive members of our community.”

Then just this week, Spurrier abruptly left his position as headmaster at Mason Prep after less than two years on the job. The board of trustees emailed parents to inform them that Spurrier “will no longer be serving as Head of School” and that an interim head of school will be appointed.

“We appreciate his service and wish him the best in his next venture,” the board wrote in the email to parents.

Spurrier was previously fired as headmaster of a school in Hawaii in 2019. He accused the school board at Holy Nativity School in Aina Haina of firing him without cause, saying their action was “improper.”

One parent said Mason Prep has turned into a “woke nightmare for parents” since Spurrier took over. That parent ended up pulling their two children out of the private school a few days before school started in August, but not before writing a letter to the school board expressing frustration with the mask mandate and vaccination policies, the school’s new diversity, equity, and inclusion program, and Spurrier himself.

“Our children go to school to learn about math, reading, spelling, science, etc. not to be indoctrinated regarding politics,” the parent wrote to school board members. “We will absolutely not be a part of this kind of learning environment.”

None of the board members ever responded to the letter, the parent said.

When the parent received the email about students chanting “Let’s Go Brandon,” they were “truly shocked” that the headmaster who had “created so much division and was disrespectful to parents” had the “audacity to try and suppress students’ speech,” the parent told The Daily Wire.

“Out of all the inappropriate things one might overhear at a school with elementary and middle school aged kids, this was the one thing that he felt compelled to email the entire school about?” the parent said. “He allowed his political leanings to override sound judgement.”

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