The dominant theory surrounding the new Omicron variant’s abnormal mutations posits that they likely emerged after incubating in an immuno-compromised person for many months. This could also explain that fact that Omicron does not share lineage with other COVID variants, its most recent ancestor dating to March 2020. While this theory does have precedence, there is troubling evidence of a different origin.

Omicron’s most recent ancestor dates back to March 2020. (Credit: Chief Nerd)

I’m sure you have seen the above graph. What you may be unaware of are some key details contained in a Botswana press release discussing the newly discovered variant (earliest known Omicron cases discovered in Botswana). In one statement made on November 26, 2021, the Botswanan Ministry of Health and Wellness revealed that Omicron “was detected on four foreign nationals who had entered Botswana on the 7th November 2021, on a diplomatic mission. The quartet tested positive for COVID-19 on the 11th November 2021 as they were preparing to return.” It’s important to note, these diplomats were in Botswana for only four days, and in this short span they managed to become patients zero, one, two, and three of the latest and greatest COVID strain?

It does not specify which country these “foreign nationals” belonged to. Why would this be and how is the media not interested in finding out? The natural speculation is that this mystery country is China, and Botswana is being pressured not to breach anonymity. Botswana has a history of indebtedness to China, so naturally they would not wish to disrupt this relationship by blaming China for yet another outbreak. Presumably, if the origin country were not China, Botswana would disclose the name as it’s in the interest of public health.

If this variant did originate from China (which seems like Occam’s razor when you weigh the alternatives), this would imply these “diplomats” were intentionally used as vessels for the release of the new variant, strategically pinning Botswana as the country of origin.

Igor Chudov eloquently discusses the potential implications surrounding Omicron if it is, indeed, a bioweapon. But boy do I hope it’s not and that this article looks like conspiratorial garbage in a couple weeks!

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