The mother of the suspect involved in the Michigan high school shooting late last month admitted that she sent her son a text that said “don’t do it,” but lawyers for the suspect’s parents insist she was referring to him committing suicide.

Fox News reported that the parents’ defense attorneys Shannon Smith and co-counsel Mariell Lehman wrote in a court filing that the parents, “like every parent and community member, are devastated by the school shooting,” and that the “last thing they expected was that a school shooting would take place, or that their son would be responsible.”

Neither the parents nor the suspect are being named per Daily Wire policy.

The suspected shooter’s mom sent a text to her son on the day of the shooting urging him not to “do it,” the parents’ attorney said, but added that the mother was sending that text pleading with her son not to commit suicide after the shooting had already occurred.

Oakland County, Michigan, prosecutor Karen McDonald had mentioned the text during a hearing on the case, Fox reported.

“After the active shooting announcement went out, [the mother] texted her son, [redacted], ‘Don’t do it.’ And [the father] went to his home purposely to search for this weapon because he was afraid his son had the weapon and was in fact shooting people and hurting them, which, as we know, is exactly what happened,” McDonald said.

The suspect entered Oxford High School on November 30 and went on to shoot multiple students, killing four and injuring seven others, including a teacher. The suspect used a handgun that his father had just bought him as an early Christmas present on Black Friday.

The suspect’s parents were arrested after an active search, and face their own criminal charges.

Reported that at least two lawsuits have been filed by survivors of the shooting, who are seeking $100 million each. Detroit’s WXYZ-TV reported:

The lawsuits have been filed by Attorney Geoffrey Fieger on behalf of a student who was shot in the neck and her sister, who was with her when she was shot.

On top of the district, those in the lawsuit include the district superintendent, the Oxford High School principal, dean of students, two counselors, two teachers and a staff member.

The alleged shooter likely had the handgun in his backpack during a meeting with teachers and parents just hours before the shooting:

McDonald told CNN on Thursday that there was a “very strong possibility” the suspect was already carrying the weapon during a meeting with his parents and school officials earlier in the day before the shooting.

“I think that it’s already been public that he did have the weapon. During COVID, they don’t use lockers, so they just have backpacks,” McDonald said.

“And unfortunately, he was allowed to get back to class. And we now know he had a weapon with him at that time. And that is simply tragic,” she added.

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