Left-wing political activist and NBA star Lebron James garnered much attention Christmas Eve by posting a meme that seemed to be critical of the reaction to COVID-19, which he compared to the flu and the common cold.

The post was liked and commented on by fellow NBA stars, actors, and figures who typically disagree with James on his outspoken politics, including Daily Wire host Candace Owens.

The post features the ever-popular “Spider-Man” meme with three identical heroes pointing at each other. The identical characters are labeled, “COVID,” “Cold,” and “Flu.”

“Help me out folks,” the Laker captioned the post, adding a shrugged-shoulders emoji.

Sports Illustrated reported on the meme as James possibly “downplaying” the China-originated virus, noting that he’s “catching plenty of heat for the post.”

“It’s impossible to know for sure what LeBron was going for without hearing him expand on his point here,” the sports outlet wrote in its report.

However, gauging by the Instagram reaction, the meme seemed pretty clear to folks online.

On the negative side, Instagram users mocked James for not being a “scientist” or a “doctor” while commenting on the virus, and seemingly protocols related to COVID-19.

One top comment on the post said, “Leconspiracytheory,” and another mocked, “LeScientist.”

Left-wing activist and actor Michael Rapaport zinged James, “Ask one of your friends in CHINA if they know the difference.”

On the flip side, others commented in agreement with the post.

Actor Jamie Foxx replied, “Gotta point haha.”

Dave Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sports, noted of his agreement with a 2024 presidential ticket joke: “James/Portnoy 24. Strange times indeed”

The Miami Heat’s P.J. Tucker posted a laughing emoji at the meme, as did the Washington Wizards’ Spencer Dinwiddie.

The Atlanta Hawks’ Trae Young made his agreement even more clear, dropping a “100%” emoji.

Artist “NatStar” commented, “Bruh I just said the same sh**.”

Other top-liked comments read, “Damn I can finally agree with LBJ on something,” and “Oh boy media isn’t going to take this well lol.”

Candace Owens, who’s been critical of James’ activism, “liked” the post, too.

As reported by Sports Illustrated, the Lakers have had to sit players for testing positive in recent weeks, including Avery Bradley, Austin Reaves, and Malik Monk.

“Well this is the unknown, obviously, you don’t know,” James recently said of the NBA COVID protocols. “This is like I said, I say every year has its own challenges and this is another year where you can literally have one guy one night and the next night you won’t. You really don’t know, it’s up in the air.”

“It’s literally a crapshoot every single time you take a test at this point on who is negative and who is positive,” he added. “You just gotta see who is available and go from there.”

Earlier in the season, James, who is vaccinated, emphasized that COVID-19 vaccination status is personal.

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