CNN reporter and left-wing activist Jim Acosta was mocked online Saturday after he posted a photo of his CNN “team,” who were maskless and seemingly lacked the “diversity” of skin color the Left consistently pushes for.

“Teamwork makes the dream work,” Acosta posted to Twitter. “Got to finally hang out IN-person with my Atlanta-based CNN team that gets the show on the air every weekend. I couldn’t do it without them! Thanks guys!!”

“Hmm… no masking, no social distancing, and no vax cards,” politico Jacob Airey commented. “Your network really doesn’t believe the crap it is selling.”

“Hey Jim, where is you and your teams mask?” replied @Brandonsblog. “Funny how y’all can’t even follow the Covid protocols you’re stupid network pushes so hard.”

“Yikes – does CNN refuse to hire black staffers?” posed Mike Cernovich.

“The lack of diversity here is astounding,” Donald Trump Jr. quote-tweeted the post. “There seems to be more pedophiles working for prominent CNN anchors than people of color.”

It was revealed last week that CNN senior producer John Griffin, 44, was arrested on December 10 “after a federal grand jury charged him with multiple counts of using a facility of interstate commerce to attempt to entice minors to engage in unlawful sexual activity.

“According to court documents, Griffin told a woman he was chatting with that he had ‘sexually trained girls as young as 7 years old,’ and he thought the woman’s daughter ‘would be a good candidate for such training alongside her mother,'” a report from Heavy detailed. “He told her they would start with a video chat in which Griffin would instruct the 14-year-old girl and her mother to remove their clothing and touch each other, prosecutors said in the indictment. He also said the ‘sexual training would eventually include in-person meetings featuring ‘spanking’ and ‘c*** worship,’ prosecutors said.”

It was also noted that the post from Acosta shows the reporter holding a photo of what appears to be the Christmas tree outside Fox News HQ that was burned in an arson attack. There are then four headshots of Fox News hosts surrounding the tree, including Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Brian Kilmeade, and Laura Ingraham.

“Why is he holding a picture of the Fox News Christmas tree with Fox anchors around it?” asked Eddie Zipperer.

Earlier this month, 49-year-old Craig Tamanaha was arrested and then freed on no bail for allegedly setting fire to the Christmas tree outside Fox. The suspect maintains his innocence. Fox reported:

Tamanaha, a vagrant with a long criminal record, would have to be accused of a more serious charge of third-degree felony arson in order to be forced to pay bail for his release, criminal defense lawyer Mark Bederow told [the New York Post]. He said the more serious arson offense occurs only when there is perceived intent to harm a person or an allegation of a hate crime.

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