I grew up in Southern California and going to In-N-Out to get a Double-Double cheeseburger, fries and a shake was part of growing up there. All the kids went after school or even on weekends and hung out.

Never did I think the iconic Southern California fast food chain would lead the charge against tyranny in our very own country and become an active symbol of our freedoms.

First the company defied San Francisco’s vaccine ID mandate and now the company is going to war with the city of Los Angeles over the very same thing.

Via ‘Eater Los Angeles:’

As of Monday, November 29, Los Angeles began to enforce one of the country’s strictest mandates by requiring restaurants to confirm proof of vaccination for indoor dining.

A CBS-2 reporter traveled to five locations throughout the city of LA and found that no employees asked him for proof of vaccination for entry or to sit indoors.

It’s a costly risk for the massive company, with potential $5,000 fines for each violation.

In-N-Out has been based in Southern California since its founding in the 1940s, with its first location in Baldwin Park and corporate headquarters now located in Irvine.

In-N-Out locations in LA, Orange, and other Southern California counties are not required to check for vaccination status (outside of the cities of LA and West Hollywood, which have vaccine mandates for indoor dining).

While it is true that this fight carries some financial and legal risk for the company the city of Los Angeles also has some risk.

If the city chooses to go after In-N-Out they will be attacking an iconic business that is much more popular and loved than any politician in the state.

If the city’s leaders choose to shut down the local In-N-Outs they risk angering their residents who will likely rally around the company to show their support.

They might also force the company to take up Florida Governor Rick DeSantis’s offer to move to his free and open state.

Via the Sun Sentinel:

Gov. Ron DeSantis had a “productive” phone conversation with In-N-Out’s president, Lynsi Snyder-Ellington, on Monday, according to news reports.

“As you may have heard, In-n-Out has closed a couple of locations in California due to vaccine passport requirements,” said DeSantis’ spokeswoman Christine Pushaw in an email to News 6 Orlando.

“This is what prompted the discussion about opening locations in Florida.”

The company said it has no plans to move its headquarters to the Sunshine State.

“The phone call was at the request of Gov. DeSantis and the primary purpose was to establish a business relationship. During that call, Gov. DeSantis graciously invited In-N-Out Burger to do business in the state of Florida. While we are thankful for the gracious invitation, In-N-Out Burger has no plans or intention to expand operations or move its corporate headquarters to Florida,” In-N-Out Burger Chief Legal and Business Officer Arnie Wensinger said in a statement.

The people who lead this fast food hamburger chain have more guts and more steel than the vast majority of politicians or business leaders in this country and we applaud their decision to stand up for freedom.

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