Florida Governor and GOP rock star Ron DeSantis urged voters in blue states to punish Democrats at the ballot box for implementing a seemingly never ending stream of onerous covid restrictions.

Via the Daily Wire:

“DeSantis made the remarks when asked by Fox News’ Laura Ingraham on Monday night what his reaction was to California and New York, which both have Democratic governors, to reimplement mask mandates.

“Well, what are we on, like day, 700 of the 15 days to slow the spread?” DeSantis said. “The fact of the matter is, I think we’ve learned, you give these people an inch, they will never let go, they are going to take a mile, they are going to restrict, they’re going to mandate, they’re going to lock you down. And we cannot accept that. Obviously, in Florida, we do not accept it. So there’s no reason to be restricting or mandating anybody throughout our country.”

“And the fact that this is still going on in these blue states, and may even intensify over the coming weeks and months, it just shows you if you value your freedom in 2022, if you’re in those states, you need to make your voice heard and you got to do a change of direction because I fear that they’re going to continue to do this until they suffer at the ballot box,” DeSantis added.”

We agree 100% with Governor DeSantis.

At this point in the pandemic there is no reason for any more restrictions and Americans should not tolerate any.

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