Comedian, actor, and podcast host Bill Burr slammed Cancel Culture this week, criticizing the collective faux outrage from people he says don’t go to his shows and likely don’t understand his comedy.

“I’m not saying that I ever haven’t made mistakes,” Burr admitted, according to the Washington Examiner. “There’s [sic] times I’ve, you know, pissed somebody off or made somebody cry, and if they come up and they have a legitimate thing, then I’ll apologize to them.”

“But I’m not apologizing to a bunch of f***ing people because I told a joke that they weren’t at,” he explained. “I told a joke at a show you weren’t at. Like, all right, so, like, how is that my fault?”

During the same appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show,” Burr added that, in his estimation, 85% of the country is reasonable, and its extremists on both sides make the most noise.

“These people that are on the extreme Right and Left, I think, only represent about 15% of the population,” Burr said. “I just feel like 85% of the country on the Right and the Left is kind of sitting there, like, when are Dad and Mom going to stop screaming at each other?”

This summer, the “Mandalorian” actor bucked the liberal narrative on his podcast, ripping into “treasonous un-American” CNN for the network’s Trump-obsession and its refusal to criticize “bore” President Joe Biden because he’s a Democrat.

“I swear to God, I cannot believe people watch that channel. They’re so dumb,” Burr said at the time, according to Fox News. “They’re f***ing treasonous un-American pieces of s***.”

Burr noted that his mother-in-law turns on CNN when she comes over to watch his children.

“She always puts on CNN,” he explained. “And do you know what those f***ing morons are doing? Do you know what those f***ing morons are doing?! They’re f***ing talking about Trump.”

“It’s like, do you think these people give a f*** who’s president? They want Darth Vader to come back. They want him (Trump) to come back. Because they had nothing to talk about, because it’s show business, and Joe Biden is a f***ing bore.”

The comedian then smacked the network for their partisan bias: “They can’t b**** about [Biden] because he’s wearing a blue tie,” he said, referring to POTUS being a Democrat.

“So now what do they do? They’re going out there, they’re doing what they did the first time to get this guy [Trump] elected, by giving him all this free coverage, while they act like they allegedly don’t like him,” Burr added.

“I don’t buy it. I don’t buy it. They are a corporate news channel.”

Back in March, Burr rattled progressives when he cracked anti-PC jokes as he presented an award at the 2021 Grammys:

When he presented the best regional Mexican music award, he stumbled over the pronunciation of winner Natalia Lafourcade’s last name. “I can’t say the name,” he said. “The Grammy goes to Natalia Lafourcade. I will accept on behalf of her. If I butchered her name, I’m sorry.”

“Natalie, you won,” Burr added.

“[How many] feminists are like, going nuts,” Burr later mocked, presenting best tropical Latin album. “Why is this cis-white male doing all this Latino stuff.”


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