During an interview an increasingly befuddled Joe Biden laughably called for Congressional hearings on rising food costs.

Joe Biden would have you believe that the rise in prices is due to corporate greed rather than profligate and out of control government spending and borrowing.

Biden actually said “With regard to the cost of food for every day, you know, that’s another big area, people walk into grocery store, particularly meat, poultry, and the — that’s where the prices are up a lot. And there’s a couple things going on there. Number one, over — as you well know, over the last several years, a lot of the big operators came in and bought out the small producers and bought out the small — the — the — the small guys who were moving it from the farm onto your table.”

While this may have happened to some degree this type of move by big ag usually results in lower prices due to increased efficiency, not massively higher prices.

A out of touch and confused Biden continued with his little game “And so, for example, Tyson this last quarter made I think a little over a billion more in profit than before because they’re able to raise prices, there are so few people to compete with. I’m urging the Congress to hold hearings as to the concentration of power in a few hands controlling the food processing side of the equation.”

Biden’s implication that rising prices is being caused by price gouging is so ridiculous that not even a Democrat voter is dumb enough to believe it.

According to left leaning Forbes magazine the leading causes of inflation right now are an increase in the money supply, the declining value of the dollar and the supply chain disruptions and NOT price gouging.

So the congressional hearings Biden is calling for is nothing more than an attempt to change the narrative and political theater, not an attempt to actually fix the problem.

A new report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows which items are seeing the largest year over year price increases, via the Daily Wire:

As summarized by CNBC, the following are some of the largest consumer price jumps between November 2020 and November 2021:

Gas — 58.1%
Used vehicles — 31.4%
Hotels — 25.5%
Meat, poultry, and fish — 13.1%
Furniture and bedding — 11.8%
New vehicles — 11.1%
Domestic services — 10.2%
Jewelry — 6.7%
Electricity — 6.5%
Food — 6.1%
Apparel — 5%
Milk — 4.6%
Fruits and vegetables — 4%

Unless the Biden administration changes course quickly, which is unlikely, we are headed directly into a massive and uncontrollable economic and political storm.

Buckle up, the sea ahead is about to get very very rough.

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