A 50-year-old illegal alien in Hagerstown, Maryland, has been charged with second-degree rape and sexual abuse of a minor, according to Herald-Mail Media.

Authorities in Washington County, Maryland, told the media that Jose Delacruz Isidro is “being held without bail pending a bail review hearing scheduled for Tuesday” after the self-admitted illegal alien was accused of raping a pre-teen girl and sexually abusing her.

Witnesses gave details to police regarding his alleged crimes:

Witnesses in the case told police that the girl described Isidro having intercourse with her. A Sexual Assault Forensic Examination (SAFE) nurse examined the girl and found signs of injury consistent with what the girl described, according to the charging document filed against Isidro.

The man was arrested Sunday at a Hagerstown address, where his Honduran passport helped identify him. The alleged abuser reportedly told police that he viewed the young girl as a “woman” and that “the ‘Devil’ has made him make errors in the past.” Police say that the man admitted to sexually assaulting her, but that he denied having intercourse with her.

The man apparently tried justifying his actions by blaming it on the death of his two sons and that he was feeling “down”:

Isidro also told investigators that two of his sons are dead, one from a police-involved shooting in Honduras and the other by suicide. Isidro “explained that the ‘Devil’ works in mysterious ways and he knows he was feeling ‘down’ and took advantage of (the girl),” according to the document.

The arrest comes as President Joe Biden’s immigration crisis is spiraling out of control with illegal aliens coming in from all over the world.

Individuals “from 106 countries have crossed the southern border of the U.S. in Fiscal Year 2021 in the Del Rio Sector of Texas as the border crisis continues to grow in both numbers and diversity.”

In October, Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) introduced the “BE GONE Act or the Better Enforcement of Grievous Offenses by un-Naturalized Emigrants Act – that would make ‘sexual assault and aggravated sexual violence’ a disqualifying act for those seeking to immigrate to the U.S.—such as those given the temporary status of ‘humanitarian parole.'”

According to the press release from Ernst — who is a sexual assault and domestic violence survivor herself — the bill would also give officials the “ability to deport those who have been convicted of sexual violent crimes or sexual assault and who are trying to immigrate.”

“Under the Biden Administration, our immigration system is strained to its limits, all by crises born out of their own mistakes. A key challenge and easy fix we must address immediately is ensuring sexual predators and criminals are identified, stopped, and deported,” Ernst added. “This measure is a commonsense solution to modernize the immigration system and combat sexual violence and those seeking to exploit our laws.”

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