Inflation, the Fall of Kabul, and riots have people saying Biden has brought back the 1970s.

I wish.

The 1970s were way better than now.

We still landed men on the moon.

We had Pope John Paul II.

We had miniskirts in Iran.

We had antennas on our TVs.

We had the only Star Wars you will ever need.

We had Queen.

We had late-night comedy.

We had the Plymouth Road Runner.

We had lawn darts.

We had porn stars on boxes of Ivory Soap.

We had the bicentennial.

We had the bicentennial tall ships.

We had waterbeds.

We had Secretariat.

We had the Twin Towers.

We had Mark Spitz, not Lia Thomas.

We had Bruce Jenner, not Caitlyn.


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