Video posted to social media Monday morning shows a woman wearing a “Let’s Go Brandon” shirt being ejected from a Wichita Thunder minor league hockey game in Wichita, Kansas Sunday night. Two security guards are seen in the video approaching a woman in seats close to the rink and ordering her to leave. The woman is polite and compliant and as she walks up the stairs with the security officers people in the stands start chanting “Let’s go Brandon!” The woman lifts her arms in salute as she continues walking with the security officers. The team said Monday the woman was not kicked out for the shirt but for using unspecified “inappropriate language and gestures.”

Outkick reported the incident took place at the Intrust Bank Arena between the Edmonton Oiler’s affiliated team the Wichita Thunder and the Kansas City Mavericks. The Thunder won 3-1.

Thunder statement:

“She wasn’t kicked out for the sweatshirt. The rest of her party wearing the sweatshirts remained at the game. She was removed by arena security after multiple warnings, because she was using inappropriate language and gestures toward those around her.”

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