A whistleblower has cast serious doubt over “data integrity and patient safety” to push for a vaccine at the speed of science. A regional boss has called out Pfizer for falsified data, unblinded patients and for slow follow ups to “ADVERSE EVENTS” during phase III trials. (British Medical Journal)


Staff were allegedly overwhelmed, and one boss reportedly fired from a major research group for complaining to the FDA. Brook Jackson has provided docs, photos & audio to the BMJ.


Here’s what she alleges:


▪️Poor lab management, patient safety, data integrity, needles discarded incorrectly
▪️Staff and patients unblinded to trials with placebos, directors failed to quantify errors
▪️Data entry issues for severe symptoms
▪️Fears over FDA inspection, FDA understaffed
▪️Patients not monitored, poor follow up protocols & mislabeling


The FDA reportedly only inspected NINE of the 153 sites involved.

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