People born in this country after about 1968 don’t really remember inflation and the damage it does to the working mans wallet and any small amount of wealth he or she has been able to build for themselves.

Inflation also ravages the elderly who most often live on a modest fixed income.

Well now at least a few young people are starting to wake up to the damage Democrats are doing to our economy.

Soon every young person in America will see exactly how inflation works every time they go to the grocery store, go out to eat, go to buy new clothes or fill up their gas tanks.

A new man-on-the street video by Campus Reform’s Addison Smith shows students stunned by the higher cost of food and one even said Americans were better off under former President Donald Trump.

Even young people are starting to get it which is a good thing. Too bad they didn’t see it coming and vote en-masse for former President Donald Trump.

Maybe in the next and future elections today’s young people will make better and smarter political choices.

Freedom and capitalism are the only system of government and economics proven to raise the standard of living for the masses, which is why those who want to control us don’t like it.

There is no question this country was a much better place, economically speaking and on virtually every other front under former President Trump.

Too bad too many failed to see the disaster that would come from giving Democrats control. Many now rue the day they voted for Joe Biden or any Democrat.

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