Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre argued that the CBC is falling into a Liberal trap by incessantly focusing on which Tory MPs have a vaccine exemption, rather than the Trudeau Liberals' throbbing inflation crisis.

A CBC reporter asked Poilievre two consecutive questions about the Liberal House Leader Mark Holland who raised the issue of the vaccination status of the Conservative caucus.
In response, Poilievre said that "Mark Holland is not a doctor. He's a politician. The only thing he's trying to accomplish is to distract people from his inflation tax."

"The Liberals have caused a [inflation] crisis and now want to distract from it by talking about everything else under the sun," he added. "The Liberals must announce a plan to end the inflation tax ... that's what Canadians and Conservatives are demanding."

The reporter then asked a follow-up question, suggesting that he didn't want to keep asking Poilievre about the Tory caucus' vaccination status. "I'm sure you do," was Poilievre's curt response.
When the reporter asked Poilierve how many Conservative MPs were vaccinated, he responded by saying "how would you expect me to know that?"

"Do you think I'm going to pick up the phone and distract from my work fighting inflation to call every MP and ask them that question? You're falling into the Liberal trap."

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