Fans of the long-running animated series “The Simpsons” are claiming that the show – alongside fan art produced of the show years earlier – predicted the tragic events that occurred during the Travis Scott concert that resulted in now nine confirmed deaths.

Although there are some parallels from actual episodes of the animated series, fans claim the series alluded to what unfolded during the November 5th concert.

The investigation into the series of events that led to now nine people passing away from sustained injuries at the Astroworld festival in Houston is still ongoing. Still, there have been no shortage of theories cropping up regarding the incident.

Claims that the cartoon “The Simpsons” had predicted key events years before they occurred aren’t anything new, as the animated series’ previously aired episodes have been attributed to foreshadowing everything from September 11th to Roy Horn getting attacked by a tiger.

But a piece of Simpsons fan art inspired by Travis Scott’s 2018 album cover artwork from “Astroworld” began to get the buzz going again that “The Simpsons” predicted the future. Of course, seeing that it’s merely fan art, it’s tough to call that particular picture of being proof positive that the animated series predicted the tragedy at the Houston concert.


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But there have been actual episodes of the cartoon that have some fans claiming that the show itself predicted the aforementioned events.

One such example, which has gone notably viral in TikTok videos, happens in a 1992 episode of “The Simpsons,” in which Homer holds up a copy of the fictitious publication World Weekly News and compares it to Travis Scott’s promotional art that went viral the day before the deadly Astroworld concert.

Other connections were discovered in the show’s previous episodes, including a scene in which Marge, stalled in traffic, sees a sign stating “Roofi concert 5 miles” and exclaims, “Huh! This concert is oversold. It’s as if a music promoter acted unscrupulously.”

The latter of the two parallels cited by fans of the series seems to be a bit far-reaching. However, it is tough to deny that there are some striking similarities between the Simpsons episode depicting the faux tabloid cover and Travis Scott’s promotional artwork for the Astroworld concert.

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