Joe Biden outright lied in front of the world again Tuesday as he adopted the creepy whispering persona while claiming that the U.S. has the fastest growing economy on the planet, when it doesn’t.

During another “press conference” which again consisted of Biden taking pre approved questions from a smattering of pre approved reporters, he claimed “If you take a look at what economy is growing, the United States it’s growing.”

“It has problems, mainly because of COVID is supply chain, but is growing,” Whispery Biden continued, further claiming “We’ve created over 6 million jobs. We’re leading the world in terms of the fastest growing economy, major economies.”


Yeah, no:

Biden rambled incoherently, barely able to string two words together:

He has list of reporters to call on, but still can’t get them correct:

At least he managed to stay awake, unlike yesterday.

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