Leftist author and activist Amy Siskind encouraged her followers to report the Twitter account of "@DefiantLs" after becoming increasingly triggered that the account posted a photos of her tweets, showing that under Trump, she was opposed to the vaccine, but once Biden became president, she was all in.

Siskind didn't like being reported for her hypocrisy, and she wanted Twitter safety to pull down the account that pointed it out.

"I reported this account," she wrote, "and encourage you all to as well. It is a hub for disinformation, which has bands of trolls that follow its lead for targeted harassment. It is also a spoke for vaccine disinformation. Please take the time to report!" Siskind said in a tweet on Sunday.

The photo that @DefiantLs posted on Sunday shows hypocritical comments made by Siskind in 2020 in which she claimed that the vaccine made under Trump "will kill us all" compared to comments made on Sunday where she encouraged her followers to get vaccinated.

"Trump is taking a page from Putin's playbook, and trying to bully the FDA into making a Covid-19 vaccine available before stage 3 of testing is complete! HE WILL KILL US ALL!! 71 days," Siskind said in a Twitter post in August of 2020.

To compare, Siskind's Sunday poste read "Boosted! Had an appointment I made last week. Listened to, and read advice of our public health officials - they are unaninmous on the need to get vaccinated and keep up with vaccinations. Trust the science!"

After getting mocked and called out over her hypocrisy across social media on Sunday, Siskind took it a step further and publicly asked the CEO of Twitter to label accounts that spread vaccine misinformation, and ironically included the comments she made that  @DefiantLs posted.

"@TwitterSafety @jack it's time for @Twitter to add labels to vaccine disinformation which you are allowing to be widely spread, and better patrol bands of trolls disseminating it. Disinformation leads to unnecessary hospitalization/strains on our medical system and death," Siskind said.

@DefiantLs Twitter account is solely dedicated to calling out hypocrisy from elected officials, journalists, public figures, etc.

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