In what would be one of the biggest political comebacks in American history, former President Donald Trump has surged into a double-digit lead over President Joe Biden in the latest 2024 matchup poll.

In today’s Rasmussen Reports survey, likely voters picked Trump to beat Biden, 45% to 32% if the election were held today, a gap that is even higher among independents who have become the critical swing group. They chose Trump 47%-20%.

Rasmussen reported a sizable number of voters who want someone else, at 17%, and just 6% said they were on the fence. Also: 15% of Democrats said they’d vote for Trump compared to 8% of Republicans who’d pick Biden.

Added the poll analysis, "Only 69% of those who say they voted for Biden last year would vote for him again if the election were held today. Eight percent (8%) of Biden’s 2020 voters would switch to Trump, who would get 83% support from those who voted for him last year."

The surprising results follow months of bad polls for Biden since his team blundered the withdrawal from Afghanistan and a surge of support for Trump despite continued media obituaries and analysis from liberals that ignore the views of so-called “fly-over” country.

Other polls this week also show that Trump is leading in some key states Biden won in 2020, showing that the Republican is also leading in the Electoral College election.

What's more, in polls of potential GOP primary opponents, including former Vice President Mike Pence, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Trump leads by miles.

Similar to 2016 surveys that found many voters supportive of Trump but not his sometimes abrasive style, when asked if it is a “good idea” that Trump act on plans to run again, 49% said it was a “bad idea” to 41% who like it. Women especially aren’t eager for Trump to run again, said the survey.

The gap on the “good idea” versus “bad idea” question of running again was much wider for Biden, with just 30% calling his plan to run for reelection a good idea and 56% a bad idea.

On that question, many more Democrats gave Biden a thumbs down. Rasmussen said that 27% of Democrats feel a reelection bid is a bad idea to 55% who like it. And among independents, the spread was 3-to-1 against.

Biden has been on a long fall that was punctuated by Virginia Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Terry McAuliffe’s surprising defeat earlier this month. Since, other Democrats have hinted that they hope Biden doesn’t campaign for them.

What’s more, Democrats have become willing to consider that Biden, who just turned 79, will not run for reelection though they are queasy over the possibility that Vice President Kamala Harris, who is even less popular than Biden, would win the nomination.

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