Scottish nightclubs are bypassing the country’s shambolic vaccine passport system by placing chairs on the dance floor and announcing that customers’ vaccine status won’t be checked.

Yes, really.

“Lulu, a major nightclub in Edinburgh, has begun marketing itself to unvaccinated Scots by advertising the fact that door staff will not be carrying out checks on whether customers have been jabbed,” reports the Telegraph.

By placing seats on the dance floor, the venue is asserting that it no longer qualifies as a nightclub and should be under the same rules as pubs, which aren’t mandated to ask for vaccine passports.

“You don’t need [a] vaccine passport to party with us,” the venue announced, adding that normal service had been resumed.

Only venues that provide a space “for dancing by customers” count as nightclubs under the rules, thereby creating a loophole which is easily exploited.

“Hospitality industry representatives said clubs across Scotland were exploiting the loophole so they could ignore vaccine passport rules,” according to the report.

“The vaccine passports guidance is so shambolic that places which are clearly not nightclubs are being billed as nightclubs, and places that are clearly nightclubs are managing to use loopholes to claim they’re not,” said Murdo Fraser, the Scottish Conservative spokesman for Covid recovery.

After Scotland first tried to introduce vaccine passports, the process was called an “unmitigated disaster,” with staff at nightclubs receiving abuse and the technology repeatedly failing.

In Ireland, meanwhile, masks were made a mandatory condition of entry to nightclubs but are not required to be worn while dancing, prompting widespread ridicule.

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