An amateur photographer found himself about ten feet away from Anthony Huber and Gaige Grosskreutz when they were shot by Kyle Rittenhouse. Nathan DeBruin, a lifelong Kenosha resident, didn’t have a dog in the fight during the Kenosha Riots of 2020. He didn’t “pick a side.” After the police-involved shooting of Jacob Blake, DeBruin said he thought Kenosha would likely be written about in the history books. He wanted to document what he saw by utilizing the hobby he loves –  photography. He took his Sony A7 III camera and hit the streets after hearing of the shooting. He documented the rioting since August 23, the day Blake was shot for resisting police while armed with a knife. He photographed the multiple arsons on August 24, and on August 25th, he took the below photo of Rittenhouse.

   Later, on that day, he would take many more photos. He captured photos of Joshua Ziminski, “The Man Who Shot First”, Joseph Rosenbaum, convicted pedophile, and other key players. On August 25, 2020, he was about ten feet from Kyle Rittenhouse when he shot and Killed Anthony Huber, a career criminal after Huber hit him (Kyle) with his skateboard in the neck/head area. He watched one man die, and another, seriously injured. A frightened DeBruin left the area. He would later hear gunshots in other areas of the city on his way home. DeBruin witnessed many things that would prove helpful to the defense. He witnessed Rosenbaum say “I just got out of jail and I’m not afraid to go back!” In fact, he saw a lot of the pedophile that night. He saw Rosenbaum get infuriated when someone put out a fire, exclaiming, “You’re supposed to be against the police!” Rosenbaum later lit a porta-poty on fire and a trailer, accompanied by Joshua Ziminski.

      In the aftermath of the rioting, DeBruin saw on Fox News that the ATF was looking for intelligence for the arsons. He said “I love Kenosha and I wanted to help.” He called the ATF and later met with an agent. He turned over many photographs that would help with the many prosecutions. Shortly after, he got a call from Kenosha Police and gave an interview with a detective on September 11, 2020. He later signed a three-page statement. He was glad to help with whatever he could, even though he didn’t legally have to.

  Fast forward to last month. Rittenhouse prosecutors sent a subpoena to DeBruin. He later agreed to meet with ADAs T. Clair Binger(D) and Jim Kraus(D). DeBruin said at first, Binger was very polite and friendly. “We want to form a good partnership with you, since you’ll be helping prosecute many cases,” says Binger, a once-failed DA candidate. DeBruins said Binger’s attitude quickly changed to that of an adversarial role when DeBruin refused to change or add to his statement, that he signed over a year prior. “Whose side are you on?” Binger sternly asked. Binger then asked DeBruin to identify people in the many photos he took. He didn’t know who they were at the time, but now knew some of them. Binger asked him to change and add to his statement the identities of some of the people, but he didn’t know who they were at the time, so he refused. He didn’t want to lie. “We have no use for you!” Binger said. “We won’t put you on the stand, so Richards (Kyle’s Lawyer) will be, and he’ll be harder on you than we would!” With this, the meeting ended.

       DeBruin was a little nervous now. He wanted to help, but didn’t want to lie in the statement. He now feels like the Kenosha DA’s office is treating him like he did something wrong. Now subpoenaed by Rittenhouse’s defense team, DeBruin feels confortable, only with an attorney, because of the “uneasy'” feeling he got from the prosecutors. He has since retained local attorney Terry Rose. If you want to help DeBruin with his legal fees, please email us and we will give you a link to donate. He also has many photos to sell to anyone who is interested.

        The trial hasn’t even started and Binger is already acting unethically. Let’s hope this is a fair trial.

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