In the COVID Era, your favorite mom-and-pop shops might be closed forever, but business is booming for Big Pharma, with COVID shot companies breaking record after record across the board.

With enormous profits siphoned off the backs of taxpayers around the world, and virtually zero legal liability with any of its customers, Pfizer, Moderna, and even Johnson & Johnson can’t lose. You, the American taxpayer, even paid for the research and development of the shots, but Big Pharma is still footing you with the bill and taking all of the profits.


Pfizer said in a statement today that the company is again revising its revenue targets upwards, estimating between $81 and $82 billion in revenue for 2021. Pfizer is now projected to double its 2020 revenue, when the pharma giant brought in $41.9 billion. In 2021, $36 billion will have come from sales of COVID shots that were developed in partnership with BioNTech. With an estimated 30% profit margin, the mRNA shots alone will bring in over $10 billion in profit. 

Unlike the American taxpayer, who is forced to compensate Pfizer and pay for its products, the drug company pays a single digit percentage tax burden due to its offshoring of profits.

The companies and their eager investors are projecting that COVID shots for young children — who, by any legitimate data point, are not even remotely threatened by COVID-19 — will keep revenue and profit margins high through 2022. Pfizer itself has already sold 115 million pediatric doses to the American taxpayer


Moderna, which earned no sustainable revenue before the COVID era (because the company had never successfully rolled out a product to market), expects to bring in $20 billion in revenue in 2021. Don’t be surprised if their upcoming earnings report boosts that number even higher. 

That’s a stunning 33X increase from the pre-COVID era. In 2019, Moderna reported $60 million in revenue. This revenue stream will be derived from its only product – the COVID shots. 

Moderna’s COVID injection profit margins are almost double that of Pfizer’s. In 2021, the company has generated a reported positive free cash flow of a whopping $9.1 billion.

Like Pfizer, Moderna seeks to earn future revenue through seasonal booster shots and the sale of pediatric COVID injections. Unlike Pfizer and J&J, Moderna has no other products to offer its customers. Moderna is entirely a COVID-19 business. Without it, the company would need to find other ways to preserve its $140 Billion market cap.

Johnson & Johnson

Although Johnson & Johnson does not currently intend on profiting from its COVID shots (they project that will change next year), its other products have seen a boost in sales. Tylenol and Motrin sales are up 18%. Analysts have chalked this up to higher demand due to side effects from COVID shots combined with declining health due to government policies related to the pandemic.

Johnson & Johnson expects to easily generate over $90 billion in 2021 sales, after bringing in $69 billion through the first 3 quarters of 2021.

Unlike Pfizer and Moderna, which essentially have become coronavirus companies, J&J only generates a fraction of its sales from COVID shots. The company expects to bring in $2.5 billion in revenue from COVID shots in 2021.

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