Video is from the garage at Jefferson County Courthouse in Mt. Vernon, Illinois


ISP says a correctional officer was transporting Fredrick Goss, 55, to the courtroom for a jury trial.


While in the sally port of the courthouse, Goss was unhandcuffed by the officer, as Goss wasn’t supposed to appear before the jury in restraints. After the handcuffs were removed, Goss was transferred from the transport vehicle into a wheelchair.


While in the wheelchair, Goss grabbed the correctional officer’s sidearm and after a struggle, disarmed the officer. During the continued struggle for the firearm, a round was discharged.


A Jefferson County deputy assign to courthouse security saw the incident surveillance camera and went to aid the officer. The deputy discharged his weapon and struck Goss.


Goss was taken to a St. Louis area hospital.





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