Party leaders voiced their opinions on the Trudeau Liberals' throne speech this afternoon, with opposition parties all voicing displeasure.

Conservative Party leader Erin O'Toole and New Democrat leader Jagmeet Singh said that the throne speech did not respond to crises that the country faces, with both naming cost of living and housing as major issues.

"Young families are being priced out of the neighbouhoods they grew up in," said O'Toole. "Seniors are trying to stretch every dollar, as inflation wreaks havoc on their budgets."

O'Toole criticized the Trudeau Liberals' fueling of inflation by overspending and of fueling division, with platitudes becoming "barriers to real action."

O'Toole also criticized Trudeau and new Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault for moving away from "ethical Canadian energy at a time that it is most desperately needed."

"They'd rather ship crude oil up the St. Laurence from Venezuela or Saudi Arabia than ensure a worker in Edmonton or in a first nation community can provide for their family. "

Trudeau had been criticized for the worsening cost of living that nearly all Canadians are experiencing. Trudeau has not yet given any indication that he will seek to fight inflation or lower the costs of essential goods.

"Yes, the decade got off to an incredibly difficult start, but this is the time to rebuild," said the governor-general on behalf of the prime minister in Parliament.

"This is the moment to grow a more resilient economy … Canada will emerge from this generational challenge stronger and more prosperous."

Trudeau said he would have a look at the affordability crisis, but most of his speech focused on "building an economy for the future." The prime minister also spent a great deal of time talking about his plan for tackling climate change.

Despite the unprecedented government spending, Trudeau also promised to support childcare, which was a central tenet of his manifesto. This, however, may only exacerbate the crisis.

On top of this, the government also vowed to move forward with their ban on "assault-style" weapons.

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