A student at Western University in London, Ontario, was dragged from class for disobeying the university's vaccine policy, according to Global News.

A video surfaced on social media of the Western University student being dragged out of a lecture. The student has reportedly since been expelled from the university for repeatedly ignoring the university's COVID-19 pandemic policies.

Western University has said that hardly any students have been expelled for ignoring vaccine rules. "We've dealt with one individual regarding non-compliance requiring on-campus intervention," said the university in a statement.

Western asks that all students, staff, and visitors show proof of their vaccination, or at least proof of their exemption. If you're exempt from the COVID-19 vaccine, you have to test negative for the coronavirus twice a week, per university policy.

The student in question is a 22-year-old male who studied engineering. He said that he had been "arrested" once before this occasion by the campus police. He said he refused to abide by the Western's policy: "I was attending class, I had paid to be on campus and was merely trying to attend my class that day at that hour."

"They said I couldn't be there and I insisted I should and they arrested me on spot and they detained me inside one of their offices," the student added.

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