Canada's NDP have said that it's time to end dress codes in the House of Commons. The House of Commons has a jacket and tie rule for men, but no specific dress code for women.

The NDP called this dress code archaic, saying that it should be eliminated, according to CBC News.

The NDP wants to do this in order to accommodate transgender, non-binary, and two-spirit MPs if ever they were to get elected. Although there is no specific dress code for women, the House of Commons asks female MPs to dress in "contemporary business attire" if they wish to participate in debate.

The House of Commons' dress code for men is even stricter than the UK's, where MPs do not have to wear ties if they so wish. In Canada, hardly any expectations have been made, except when they can wear a kilt on Burn's Night to celebrate the Scottish poet.

The NDP has said that they will ask for the rules to be updated when  Parliament resumes on November 22. Instead of strict rules for men, the NDP's spokesperson for LGBTQ issues has said that the party only wants a simple statement on decorum.

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