Left: Witness Dominic Black – Right: KPD Detective Antaramian (Still from Pool Video)

I will be in the courtroom for the duration of the political prosecution of Kyle Rittenhouse. Since the trial is streaming on millions of devices around the world, I won’t bore my readers with the same reporting that will be done by countless news agencies. The Kenosha News is putting out articles from the associated press even though they have a full-time assigned seat inside the courtroom. Maybe for once the Kenosha News editor doesn’t want Deneen Smith’s extreme left slant on the coverage of this case. What I will do, however, is point out things that those who are not intimate with this community, and even and some who are, do not know.

Kenosha Mayor John Antaramian (D)

Kenosha Mayor John Antaramain has been mayor since 2016 and was elected in 2020 for his sixth term until 2024. He also served as mayor from 1992 to 2008. After this term, he will have been mayor for 24 years. Many sources have told us he will not be seeking a seventh term because of the immense backlash from the Kenosha Riots of 2020. Most Kenosha residents view his response as very poor – he is the chief executive of the city, including the police department. We didn’t hear from him. He didn’t lead. Many joke that he was hiding in his basement. Some tell us he was hiding in Lake Geneva. We don’t know for sure – he wont tell us. John has a lot at stake in the Rittenhouse trial. He wants Kyle convicted. He wants Kyle to take the blame and distract us from his failures as our leader. Lucky for John, he has a lot of powerful family members in charge here in Kenosha. First off, the lead detective in this case is Benjamin Antaramian, his nephew. Benjamin wants Kyle convicted. Benjamin was very thirsty to connect Kyle Rittenhouse to the “Kenosha Guard” Facebook page. He grilled Dominic Black about if they had seen the page or not. They desperately wanted to connect the two. They could not. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook told this to the public twice, once on a Facebook Q and A and again in front of the U.S. Senate. This is a common myth that is repeated by the media and naive folks. Kyle came to Kenosha of his own accord on the 25th – to volunteer removing graffiti. Law enforcement at the federal level, Facebook, and other forensic reviews have determined there was no such connection. The “Kenosha Guard” was simply a plea for help when our local leaders like John the Mayor and Tony the Governor would not help. Benjamin will be sitting at the prosecutor’s table for every day of the trial. Today, he held up the rifles that were carried by Rittenhouse and Black, Kyle’s friend. The mayor’s cousin is the Kenosha City Attorney, Ed Antaramian (D). His nephew is the Kenosha City Judge Michael Easton (D). His other nephew is Thaddeus (Tip) McGuire (D), State Representative. His other cousin is Laura Belsky (D) County Board Supervisor.

During the remainder of this trial, remember, the mayor who let Kenosha burn has a surrogate in the court room – at the prosecutor’s table, actually.

Kyle is “David” and the State of Wisconsin, with all of their resources is “Goliath.” The only thing that gives Kyle a fair and likely shot to win is the generosity of strangers that donated money to his defense. He now has a team of three sharp attorneys – among the best in the business. It’s now a fair fight.

BLM Sympathizer Kenosha DA Mike Graveley, like his predecessor, Robert Zapf, loves the limelight and always prosecutes the high profile cases. Not this one. Mike knows the state cannot win. That’s why he’s leaving it to T. Clair. Let’s see what T. Clair’s excuse will be if he loses.

Kevin E. Mathewson

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