At a rally Monday, the night before Election Day, Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe announced he is making it a priority to hire non-white teachers, noting that 80% of teachers are white compared to 50% of students. "I promise you, we have got to diversify our teacher base here in Virginia. 50% of students at Virginia schools K-12 - 50% are students of color and yet 80% of teachers are white," McAuliffe said at the rally. 

 "We all know what we have to do in a school to make everybody feel comfortable in a school, so let's diversify," he said. In an effort to attract teachers, McAuliffe said he intends to offer free room, board, and education for any university in Virginia to those who intend to teach in the commonwealth for 5 years. "Here's what I'm going to do. We'll be the first state in America, if you'll teach for five years here in Virginia in a high-demand area... we will pay room, board, and tuition at any college, any university, any HBCU here in the Commonwealth of Virginia," McAuliffe said.

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