On Thursday, House Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene slammed the treatment of January 6 defendants in a Washington DC Jail, saying the inmates there are "political prisoners of war."

"No one has argued in defense of the Capitol riot, and I've always openly said I was very upset by it, but after seeing these men myself in the DC Jail, I can attest this abuse is true," wrote Greene on Twitter. "J6 defendants are political prisoners of war."

Greene's tweet came as a response to a post by Julie Kelly, in which she posted a filing by a January 6 defense attorney.

That attorney's filing outlines the treatment of a defendant and the conditions he is kept under, stating that "I have practiced criminal defense as an attorney throughout this entire country and have never been such a blatant disregard for inmates' rights as I have seen form this DC Jail."

"The countless hours I fought through DC Jail bureaucracy simply to be told how I could forward Discovery to my clients was nothing more than a veiled attempt to thwart and discourage inmates from receiving the proofs in their own cases," the filing continued. "When I finally learned of the DC Jail's requirements and fully complied, the flash drive of Discovery I provided was returned to me without so much as a single note or letter as to why it was not given to my client. To this day, I cannot obtain an answer as to why that Discover was returned to me in such a derelict fashion."

"There is a well-documented history of the DC Jail hindering attorney-client visits as well as refusing the Capitol Riot inmates the same privileges as other inmates to email their attorneys and families. The entire world but for the DC Jail has found Zoom and other electronic applications to provide video visits in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic," the filing added.

Glenn Greenwald discussed on Twitter the stark difference in the left's opinion on jails between both the January 6 defendants and Kyle Rittenhouse, and their usual stance on abolishing prisons.

"With both Rittenhouse and the 1/6 defendants, it's absolutely bizarre (and more than a little grotesque) to watch liberals jettison every criminal justice reform principle they claim to believe because of the ideology of the accused, and suddenly turn into pro-prison fanatics," wrote Greenwald.

"FOUR YEARS requested for the Q Shaman on a charge that basically is non-violent trespassing," wrote Greenwald. "That's the point: nobody who is remotely an advocate of criminal justice reform could support this, but he has the Bad Ideology, so to the dungeon he goes."

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