Brian May told the public that he thinks the legendary rock band Queen would not have been able to be born in the form the world has known it in today's world, due to the influence of "woke" culture.

“I feel very uncomfortable about some of the decisions that are being made, often out of fear," said the Queen guitarist. “Because people are so afraid of being called out. It is a horrible atmosphere."

May's response comes, at least in part, due to the decision recently made, eliminating all gender-specific categories from the BRIT awards, and making them all completely gender-neutral. The iconic guitarist, who is now 74 years old, has won four of these awards himself.

According to the Sun, the nature of the awards was radically changed following the exclusion of Sam Smith, who identifies as being a non-binary person, from the awards, simply because there were no appropriate categories in which the singer could fit.

"I get so sick of people trying to change things without thinking of the long-term consequences. Some of these things are improvements and some are not. Some of them are depriving people."

"I would like to see a lot more care taken to make sure we don’t just jump on people and accuse them of this and that."

May continued, mentioning his first principles regarding this issue:

"What matters is justice and equality of opportunity, no matter who you are, and that is actually not happening at the moment as everyone is jumping to conclusions and everyone is scared of doing the wrong thing."

"I do find it very uncomfortable. I don’t think things are going very well, I have to say."

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