Kyle Rittenhouse sat for his first TV interview since he was acquitted and chose to speak with Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

During one part of the interview Carlson brought up the fact Joe Biden and corporate media have been falsely claiming he was a white supremacist, among the many other lies they’ve been telling about him.

“I mean, why do you think, and it’s not simply Biden who said that, it’s a lot of people on television have said that. A lot. Dozens of people have said that. I’m sorry to tell you that in case you haven’t seen it.”

Rittenhouse made it clear he was aware of what was being said about him by Biden and the media “It’s quite hysterical how no one can go back and look at the facts of the case. He crossed state lines, false. He’s a white supremacist, false. None of that is true. The lies that they can just get away with spreading just sickening and it’s a disgrace to this country.”

Carlson then asked Rittenhouse if he had any idea just how dishonest the media can be.

“I couldn’t agree more, Carlson said. “Before this, I mean, you’re 17 years old so you’re probably not watching cable news all day or deeply into politics. Maybe you were, but did you know how dishonest the media coverage of events could be?”

“I didn’t,” Rittenhouse responded. “I have never seen something so polarizing in my life. When it’s just, it’s obvious self-defense. If you look at the case, you look at the facts, no matter what your opinion is or where you stand, this wasn’t a political case. It shouldn’t have been a political case. It was made a political case.”

“This had nothing to do with race. And the ways people are twisting this, it’s just sickening.”

Tucker then got right to the point “I think a lot of people watching have reached the same conclusion and they would like to see you help make this better by holding some of these liars into account. Do you plan to do that?”

Rittenhouse then put the fear of god, or whatever they believe in, into the media “I have really good lawyers who are taking care of that right now,” he said. “So I’m hoping one day there will be some – there will be accountability for their actions that they did.”

Carlson then confirmed what he was hearing “Okay. So you’re intent – you’re not going to let that go.”

That was when Rittenhouse doubled down “Like I said, really good lawyers are handling that.”

Lets hope that the corporate media and maybe even Joe Biden is forced to pay for their past and continued lies about this kid.

Maybe when it all said and done Kyle Rittenhouse and Nicholas Sandmann can share custody of CNN.

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