Maria Bartiromo interviews former Trump administration Department of Defense Chief of Staff Kash Patel on FOX News Channel’s "Sunday Morning Futures."

Special counsel John Durham's investigation is "about 60-70% of the way there" to uncovering the origins of Russiagate, Patel said, out in the cold.

JOHN RATCLIFFE, FORMER U.S. DIRECTOR OF NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE: I gave John Durham over 1,000 other documents that have not yet been declassified that I know include intelligence that goes specifically to this criminal activity that would be the basis for further indictments.

And, again, what happened with the Steele dossier, a grand jury is saying, was criminal in nature. And I expect that all of the folks that are involved with creating it and peddling it falsely would be in jeopardy.

BARTIROMO: And that was former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe with me last week on this program on what he declassified, which, of course, exposed that this dossier and whole Russia collusion lie was a fabrication from Hillary Clinton.

I am back with Kash Patel right now.

And, Kash. We mentioned Fiona Hill making all of these introductions to Christopher Steele, as well as Charles Dolan. Meanwhile, she says she has no idea what they were doing. Here is a quote from her from a closed-door testimony from October of 2019, saying: "I have no knowledge whatsoever of how he developed that dossier. None. I just want to state that."

What are your thoughts on this? And give us your sense of the three indictments we have seen so far and where this is going?

PATEL: Yes, real quick on Fiona Hill.

I think John Durham is on the case here, because Fiona Hill has a credibility problem. I believe she lied to Congress there under oath. She connected the main Clinton political operative, who Devin and I had never heard of because DOJ and FBI withheld those documents from us intentionally, I believe, so.

And now John Durham has exposed that. She connects the Steele operation to the Democratic Party. And she has the gall to go on national TV or in closed-door testimony and say, I don't know what's going on with Steele.

But John Durham's on that case, and I think we're going to get there.

As to the three indictments that John Durham has issued, I believe he's built a sort of triangle of indictments, as I call them. At the top of the pyramid, you have Sussmann, who represents an indictment of the Hillary Clinton campaign, the DNC, the law firm and Fusion GPS, funneling tens of millions of dollars to perpetuate the biggest fraud in American history into the FBI.

The bottom two pillars of the Durham triangle, I believe, are the FBI's -- John Durham's indictment of the FBI attorney, which is literally an indictment of the FBI, and now a criminal conviction for lying to a federal court to perpetuate a fraud and get a FISA warrant falsely.

The last leg of the Durham triangle comes in the form of his recent indictment of Danchenko. Who's Danchenko, and why does it matter? Danchenko is Steele's main source introduced to Steele by Fiona Hill who Steele relied on to write his dossier, in which he said he, Steele, received credible information from Danchenko.

We now know Danchenko is a liar. We also know, because of the Durham investigation, Danchenko provided no credible information to Christopher Steele. So he has now been -- his credibility has been destroyed. And these merchants of menace are finally coming to light, thanks to John Durham's great work. And he's got a long way to go.

And I'm glad he's getting the indictments -- excuse me -- the information that Rod Rosenstein and Chris Wray intentionally withheld from Chairman Nunes and our investigation during Russiagate probe.

BARTIROMO: So, on the Kevin Clinesmith indictment -- this is the FBI attorney -- does it end there? Or are we going to see a road to others in the FBI perhaps getting arrested for directing Kevin Clinesmith?

This is a young guy who obviously changed paperwork to say that Carter Page was not an asset of the CIA, when, in fact, he was.

PATEL: Yes, you're absolutely right.

Look, I think all roads lead to Andy McCabe, the former deputy director of the FBI, who was caught lying three times by the inspector general during his tenure there. Kevin Clinesmith, a mid-level FBI attorney, cannot pull off the greatest political scandal in history alone.

He needs direction from his supervisors. He's a convicted felon. He doctored a piece of paper for the FISA court. And I, as a former national security prosecutor who did FISAs, know how horrendous and how egregious that type of conduct is. But, more importantly, I know that it cannot be done alone. It is virtually impossible to get that information to a federal judge for a secret surveillance warrant without the deputy director of the FBI knowing it.

And I think all roads lead to Andy McCabe. His credibility is in question, not to mention that of Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Andy McCabe, who orchestrated the insurance policy to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president. That's their own text messages.

BARTIROMO: Real quick. Real quick, before you go, you took the deposition of Jake Sullivan.

As I keep saying on this program and have for some time, those who abused power are now in power. Jake Sullivan was the communications person for Hillary Clinton, a manager for her. Now he is working for Joe Biden at the NSA. He said -- he put out a tweet and a post back in October of 2016.

Listen to this: "This could be the most direct link yet between Donald Trump and Moscow. Computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the Trump Organization to the Russian-based bank."

Here is his post that Hillary Clinton then tweeted out. Jake Sullivan was peddling and spreading the dossier.

PATEL: He was. Then he has the gall to come into Congress -- and, as you mentioned, I took so many of those depositions -- and say he had no idea, like Fiona Hill, how the dossier was created or who the $10 million Jake Sullivan and the DNC were paying was being utilized to collect foreign intelligence fraudulent information.

So, I think John Durham's on his case. And, Maria, wouldn't it be the irony of all ironies for the current national security prosecutor to get charged with an actual felony based on real information and fact, and not have this Department of Justice withhold exculpatory evidence, like they did to the former national security adviser under Donald Trump?

I think that's the accountability that the American public so desperately need. And I think that's where this road is going and where John Durham's taking us.

So, stay tuned. I think we're only 60 to 70 percent of the way there.

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